The BookMonkeys

All About Mark

Mark, the youngest of four boys, had to quickly learn three skills; fighting, running and lying. Lying is just one wrong turn away from storytelling, it led to him and his brothers making up insane stories on the backseat of the car, inbetween the fighting and throwing up. Soon he was captain of his own Corsair-Zepplin, prowling the twelve winds for fat merchant airships to plunder. It seemed he was destined to spend his life making up wildly ransom stuff.

When not making up wildly random stuff Mark likes buying and playing with gadgets, mucking about on and with the internet, baiting Apple fans and watching Wales beat people at rugby. He doesn't cope well when they lose.

Mark is currently working on stories involving giant crabs, Vikings and insane professors. Not all in the same story, though...

All About Lauren

Lauren, AKA Book Pixie, has a past shrouded in secrecy and misdirection. But whatever she's up to she works as a librarian as a front.

When not Cataloging books Lauren likes to look at dresses. Quite often she can be fond in Monsoon's changing room. It's probably the secret entrance to her lair.

Random Photos by Mark

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